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25 August 2021, on Olivier's log

Tech Stack

I write the content in gemtext and kiln does the gemini+html generation. Thank you adnano for the great stuff!

Local development

I usually use a Makefile to ease and unify local development, so that I just have to type `make dev` to get started.

In this case I want to watch all the files and call `kiln build` on every change. I also launch a local http server (php in this case) and open my browser.

I had to learn some Makefile magic to have both serve-html and watch targets run in parallel:

dev: build
	$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -j2 dev-tasks

dev-tasks: watch serve-html

	@php -S -t dist/html

	@inotifywait -m -e close_write -r --exclude "(dist|.git)" . | while read events; do kiln build; done

Full Makefile

Build pipeline

The code is hosted on On every push, a build is triggered on to call `kiln build` and deploy the gemini and html sites to

.build.yml manifest


I am positively impressed by It is really fast. Having a link to the build on the output of git push is very nice.

However I find the web interface not always intuitive (words that I am not used to, confusion between git page and project page).