Git send-email without format-patch

3 May 2023, on Olivier's log

Git ships with built-in tools for collaborating over email. Sourcehut made a decent tutorial for it:

I was successful following the tutorial and submitting a couple of patches. After some attempts at improving my workflow, I think I will settle on the following:

Adding a self-destructive message

If you add three dashes (---) on a dedicated line in your commit message, everything afterwards will be discarded when the patch is applied (using `git am`).

Commands after git clone:

# Check existing git config and adjust settings
git config --get-regex "^format\..*"
git config ""
git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH project"

Commands to send the patch:

# Submit a patch
git --amend                     # add a self-destructive message under a --- line
git send-email origin/master    # send the patch as email

Yes, it means that I am back to 2 commands, while still being able to resume from where I left if anything fails.

[Attempt 2022] Git send-email with format-patch